Approaching End of Year Transitions in the Classroom

The end of the 2016-2017 school year is upon us! Every year is a new and different adventure, as our families and children change, and we shift, alter and grow as well as continual learners. It has been a pleasure to get to know and love your children this year, and to see all the ways they have emerged into greater connection with their peers, teachers and the world around them.

The end of year transition is approached with intention and thoughtfulness, as in all areas of the curriculum. Timing is an important factor as children’s sense of time is not concrete, and we don’t want to create anxiety by talking about it too early. At the same time, we have to give enough time for the children to process their understanding.

We recognize that children can have many different feelings about change and growing up. Saying goodbye to a classroom community, a home away from home, can bring forth challenging feelings that we have to give children the tools to navigate.

Throughout June we support children to:

  • Reflect on their classroom experiences and individual growth

  • Talk about their upcoming summer and fall adventures

  • Visit older BFS classrooms; walk to neighboring schools.

  • Read books about change, growth and Kindergarten

  • Create their own books about saying goodbye to their classroom BFS and saying hello to their new school or classroom


BFS teachers will meet with each other to “hand over” the children to the next classroom teachers. What are your child’s strengths? What do they enjoy? What is their play style? Friendship connections? Areas where extra support is needed? Your classroom teachers know your child well, and we want their new teachers to be fully prepared to welcome your child into their new classroom community.

We are so excited for the Jitterbug, Dragonfly and Sunshine children to continue their BFS journey in the Sunshine and Rainbow rooms, and it is a bittersweet, but joyful sending off of our graduates. We have all prepared them for this transition- not in the limited sense of “preparation for Pre-K or Kindergarten”, but a deeper preparation. They are ready for their next school year experience because we as a community have supported them to feel empowered, confident, expressive and able to find their place and make a space in a context of many interconnecting relationships and expectations.


 Rainbow risk-taking and collaboration

Sunshine children and families celebrating music-making

Together we create a context of love, care and respect, and we have all done our best to create a balance of free exploration and healthy boundaries and limits so that the children have had a safe arena to do all these things that young children need to do to understand their place in the world. They have experienced and seen themselves, their teachers and families working and celebrating together in a myriad of ways in evolving relationships. Congratulations to all of us- parents, teachers and children.

See you at the end of year celebration!