When a Child Needs Extra Support at BFS

Teachers will continue to observe, assess, interact, and will actively engage in conversations with parents to work in partnership and to gather information.When a Child Needs Extra Support at BFS

At the September General Meeting, we talked about how the children at BFS learn in an intentional environment and through a context of meaningful relationships. To get to know the children in this context, we spend time engaged in observation, interacting through work and play, and assessing their development in authentic ways. We know that the development of a child takes place in many areas, and that development is not even and at the same pace within a particular child, or amongst a group of children. Children are individuals- and as such are wonderfully complicated beings, from day one. Every single one of them have areas where they need greater or lesser support from the teachers. This is the beauty of who they are, and we learn to offer the level of support that is needed, and find the balance between building independence and offering support.

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