All I Really Need to Know About Consent I Learned in Preschool

Consent PhotoLast week in the big gross motor play room, three children were rolling around on our blue “crash pad”, giggling happily. While observing, I noticed that one of the friend’s faces had changed expression, and she was pulling away from the others. I walked closer, and heard one of the other children say,  “I want to hold your hand”, while grabbing for it.  I got down to their level and asked the first child, “do you want someone to hold your hand?” She shook her head no. I said to the other friend, “she doesn’t want to hold hands right now”. The child replied, “But I want to”. I responded, “I know you want to, but look at her face.” She doesn’t look happy; she doesn’t want you to. It’s her body and it’s her choice.”

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