Giving Thanks

Dear Families,

There are many ways we invite you into the room to celebrate your child, share our learning journeys and engage in community building. Our Thanksgiving Potluck provides an opportunity to share a communal meal with your child’s class in an intimate and very special way. While we all have our own traditions, many classes combine tables to make one long surface, so we are able to eat all together. We encourage families to share their family recipes and rich cultural heritage during this meal. In some classrooms, teachers interview the children to reflect upon the things in their lives for which they are grateful. Gratitude can be an abstract concept for young people to grasp. As educators, we support the development of this idea by sharing our own examples and experiences. We model gratitude for them. You, too, can do this at home, sharing the people and experiences for which you are grateful and why. Don’t be surprised if the answer is jellybeans! But, more often than not, the response is a poignant reflection of the people they love the most and why they are special: “I love when mommy reads and cuddles with me before bed.”

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