BFS operates under the stewardship of the Educational and Operations Directors in partnership with the parent-run Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees, who have exclusively been alumni (or, rather, parents of former students). We are in the process of expanding our board to include qualified individuals who share a commitment to our values and mission but do not have a prior relationship to BFS. Our incomparable teaching staff is Brooklyn Free Space's biggest strength. Our staff has a long tradition of staying at BFS for years and years––and many who move on find their way back to us later. BFS doubled in size for the 2007–2008 school year. In growing from two to four classrooms, we welcomed, or welcomed back, some new staff members. We are happy to have long, fruitful relationships with these teachers.

Peter Kreutzer

President, Board of Trustees

Peter Kreutzer has been a resident of Park Slope since 1999. He is a writer and filmmaker by trade, the lead writer and editor in chief of the Fantasy Baseball Guide, and editor in chief of the Fantasy Football Guide. He has also written about fantasy baseball for ESPN and Major League Baseball. He adapted Dylan Thomas's A Child's Christmas in Wales for PBS, and has written sports instructionals about baseball (Little League, Ozzie Smith), football (Joe Namath) and tennis (Tracy Austin and Cliff Drysdale). He is also the writer and director of Audubon Society's VideoGuide to North American Butterflies: Common and Endangered.

Peter's daughter attended Brooklyn Free Space from 2001 to 2004, and he served as Chairperson of the Purchasing Committee, Treasurer and President of the Steering Committee during her three years there. When the school's survival was threatened by the loss of its lease, he and other concerned parents formed the BFS Board of Trustees to help steer the school to a new space. Part of the mission of the Board of Trustees since its inception has been to expand the capabilities of the school, hone its community focus and develop a vigorous financial aid program.

Jen Tammi

Board of Trustees

Jennifer Tammi is a high school history teacher at Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Riverdale, New York. She teaches the US history survey course as well as various elective courses such as the history of the working class, immigration history, and NYC history. Besides teaching at Fieldston, Jennifer runs the student staffed History Center (a peer tutoring program), chairs the Academic Integrity Task Force committee, serves on the Financial Aid Task Force committee, and is a faculty advisor to the Women's Leadership Group and the Queer Straight Alliance. She also takes great pride in being a faculty representative for the teacher's union.

She earned her Ph.D. in US History from Columbia University, where she researched the history of the cooperative movement in the US. Prior to coming to Fieldston Jennifer worked at Magna Software Company in New York City, was a teaching and research assistant at Columbia University and Barnard College, and taught English at Xinan Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China. She served for two years as President of the Steering Committee at Brooklyn Free Space, a cooperative preschool in Park Slope, Brooklyn and currently serves on their Board of Trustees. Jennifer lives with her husband and son in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn